1927 Chrysler Imperial E80


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A little history: 

In 1926 Walter P. Chrysler made a bold move to enter the luxury car market to compete with Cadillac and Lincoln.
The Imperial was to create a daring new personal luxury automobile and
came in 5 body styles.

In it's first year of production L.B Miller and J.E. Weiler set a transcontinental record of 6,721 miles.
So impressive was it's nature the '26 Imperial was selected as the pace car for the first ever Indianapolis 500.

The E80 as it was referred to, indicated that the Imperial could reach a top speed of  80 miles per hour,
some of the lighter bodies achieving a little more and the heavier limosuines, a little less. 

In 1927, Chrysler went all out in the luxury stakes and created new body styles, sumptuous interiors,
six wheel equipped white wall tyres, chrome wire spokes on all wheels, full carpets and more. 

And to top the records off, a 1927 Imperial made a high speed, non-stop run of 6,726 miles     
from the Golden Gate Bridge to New York's Brooklyn Bridge and back to Los Angeles, California
in an amazing 8 days at an average speed of 40.2 miles an hour and not forgetting this was only 1927.

Famous faces to appear Imperial E80's include:

Charlie Chaplin in " THE GREAT DICTATOR" 1940,

Marlon Brando in " THE GODFATHER PT.1 ".

If a picture paints a thousand words, then prepare to be inspired as we proudly present to you:
Our simply stunning 1927 Chrysler Imperial E80.



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