Jaguar Cabriolet and Convertible




Our Jaguar cabriolet and convertible are both magnificent vehicles.

Inside our vehicles are just as glamorous with plenty of room for comfort.

They are all in immaculate condition and you will drive to your venue in the comfort you deserve on your special day.

Jaguar never produced the XJC in convertible form. However a number of coach building companies as well as some private individuals produced modified XJC in convertible form, these vehicles are very rare in Australia.

Sadly the production of the XJC was all too short.

After commencement in 1975 the last of these great vehicles rolled off the line in November 1977.

Paradoxically this has helped the XJC especially the convertible to become the rare collectible classic it is today.

Our Jaguar Cabriolet, This to our knowledge is the only Cabriolet in Australia as we hand built the conversion.

Originally a 4 door Series 2 we have removed the top of the car re-engineered it and replaced it with a removable hood but still with the 4 doors which still allows for ease of entry into the rear seats.

It also makes for outstanding photo’s especially with the top removed!



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